Women in Michigan with tubular breasts want natural breast enhancement

by rburke on March 6, 2017

Tubular breasts have a smaller diameter with an elongated shape reminiscent of a tube.


There are many variations of tubular breasts. These may include the entire breast; only the areola ; or a combination of both.  Often the inframammary fold is raised and appears at a higher level on the chest resulting in sagginess of the involved breast.  There may be significant size differences between the right and left breasts.


This 30 year old, 120 pound 5 ft 5 inch female complained of breast assymetry with significant size differences between her right and left sides. It was difficult to find clothing that fit!

She was also bothered by a significant droop of the left breast.

Evaluation confirmed tubular breasts.  She had the features of enlarged and protruding nipple-areolar complexes (NAC), high inframammary folds, significant assymetry, and a tubular shape of the breasts.  The treatment plan involved placement of high profile assymetric sized breast implants, reduction of the NAC’s, a significant vertical breast lift on the left, and immediate expansion of the right breast.

Although significant  breasts assymetry is usually congenital, it can occasionally result from trauma or prior surgery. Asymmetric breasts may not only differ in size and diameter. but also in circumference and height. Often the nipple-areola complex NAC) protrudes out from the breast, magnifying underlying breast constriction.

Tubular breasts reconstruction is a surgical challenge for cosmetic surgeons. The method chosen to correct this condition depends on your objective personal findings.

Surgical correction may include breast implants (often of assymetric sizes); mastopexy (breast lift); and selected breast reduction. Because the breasts involved are often constricted, specialized techniques are used for tissue release with  immediate tissue expansion, permitting reconstruction of a more natural appearing breast.

Curious about the cost of these procedures?

Here is the postprocedure photo of the patient shown above. She has told me that she can now find clothing that fits and feels more confident.


For additional information, or to schedule a consultation appointment to review possible options, please eith call us at 1-800-487-4840 or email bthebestmccs@gmail.com .



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