Women in Michigan want improvement of saddle bags for a better fit in clothing using laser technology to “shrink wrap” the skin.

by rburke on August 31, 2017

Women in Michigan often complain of “saddle bags” which interfere with the fit of clothing and often lead to a “pear” shape.

Technically these are known as”trochanteric lipodystrophy”.  They represent the accumulation of body fat over prominences in the upper leg bones. Due to differences in male and female shapes of these bones, they only occur in women.  Although diet and exercise help, sometimes these areas are resistant, persisting after years of effort to reduce them.

Dr.Burke uses a laser assisted “Smart Lipo” liposculpture technique to recontour and reduce these fatty prominences.  The advantages of this laser technique include fat removal and skin shrinkage (beyond that obtained from traditional liposculpture alone).

Here is a woman in her late 30’s who had been unable to reduce the size of her “saddle bags” by exercise and diet.  She told us that this had been a problem since age 12.  She was concerned with both the prominences and the assymetry (difference) between the right and left sides.








                                                                           After Treatment

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