Women in Michigan Seek a More Natural Breast Lift

by rburke on December 27, 2016

Women in Michigan seek a more natural breast lift. The fake look is out. They overwhelmingly request a natural look that helps restore their breasts to a natural fullness in the upper and middle portions while lifting the Nipple-Areolar Complex (NAC) to a more youthful position above the inframammary fold (lower breast fold).

There are a variety of reasons for seeking a breast lift or mastopexy. The most common reason is loss of one’s own breast tissue following one or more pregnancies. (This is an integral step in a Mommy Makeover).  With pregnancy and subsequent nursing, the breasts often lose some of their fullness, particularly in their upper and middle portions.  Often the Nipple-Areolar (NAC) complex droops, magnifying the lack of breast fullness. Assymetry or size differences between the right and left breasts accompany the lack of breast fullness and droop.



Younger  women may seek a breast lift due to Tubular Breasts. In these instances  breasts are often very assymetric (there are significant right to left size differences). Other findings may accompany this condition including enlarged NAC’s, constricted inframammary folds, and various degrees of breast constriction.

Other reasons that one might seek a breast lift include weight loss due to diet, bariatric surgery, or past illness.

How is breast droop determined?  The determination is based on both a measurement made from the sternal notch to the nipple areolar complex , and the relation of the nipple areolar complex to the inframammary fold (lower breast fold).  One aims for a final NAC above the fold.

There are a variety of methods for the lift.  The one chosen depends on factors such as degree breast droop,  whether your breast tissue needs reduction or replacement with an implant. Often, with the choice of a higher profile implant, a first degree (early) droop may be corrected with implant insertion alone.

How to get started?  The best way is with an in person evaluation. This includes review of your history, examination, and may include specific measurements and future breast sizing.

Curious about possible costs of this procedure?



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