The top 5 treatments for a double chin or turkey neck

by rburke on February 10, 2017

A poorly  defined neck makes one appear older.  blondewhitetankcleavage

As the neck  thickens with loss of neck jaw definition, fat accumulates under the chin, the skin loosens, and one appears older.  Although one may opt to mask this by wearing  turtle necks, scarves, or polos, options for correction are available.  Which correction is best for a particular neck depends on the condition of the neck skin (its ability to remain in position and sagging) as well as the presence of underlying fat. Here are the top five options:

  1. Radiofrequency neck tightening. This involves application of controlled energy to the skin surface which penetrates into the underlying supporting tissues and causes them to tighten. This is accomplished with the Pelleve radiofrequency unit.  Treatments take about 30 minutes, do not require an anesthetic, and no special postoperative care is required.  In most cases 4 treatments are performed about 1-2 weeks apart.  This is best where there is minimal looseness of the neck skin and no excess submental fat.
  1. Kybella. This involves injection of Kybella into the submental region.  Treatments are done 30 days apart and usually 3-6 treatments are required.  The major side effect is moderate submental discomfort which persists for several days following the injection.  This is best where there is good skin elasticity (ability to retract-shrink) along with bothersome submental fullness.
  2. Smart lipo. This involves a liposculpture techinique in which small amounts of fluid are injected into the neck followed by treatment with a computer controlled laser inserted through 3 small openings (about the size of a pencil eraser). This stimulates the skin to shrink and removes bothersome fat.  The procedure may be done under local anesthesia alone or supplemented with conscious sedation. Acute healing takes 1-3 days after which one may return to their reasonable activities.  The skin continues to shrink with final results seen at 4-6 months. This is best where there is a combination of excess fat and minimal to moderate looseness of the skin.
  3. Silhouette Instalift. This involves insertion of a sterile bioabsorbable thread containing small cones beneath the skin. The cones attach to the underlying loose tissues and permit on the spot tightening.  The threads are absorbed within 6 months but the effect remains and continues to improve past one year.  The procedure is done in the office and requires a small amount of local anesthetic.  One can go home directly after although many have returned to work.  The main side effects are mild discomfort relieved by over the counter medications, minimal swelling, and occasional bruising.  This is best for those with minimal to moderate looseness of the skin. It can also be used in those with more looseness of the skin where one does not wish to undergo a surgical procedure  yet wishes some correction.
  4. Necklift. Usually this must be done in conjunction with a facelift although in some cases, a necklift alone may be done.  This is a surgical procedure that is done in our AAAHC accredited facility under conscious sedation with local anesthesia.  Although one is able to return home the same day in most cases, usually 7-10 days are recommended before returning to work (depending on your occupation).  This is best for those with moderate to severe laxity of the skin and sagging of the tissues.drrobertburkepatientfacenecklift2016


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