Tattoo Regret? : Removal Possible with the Astanza Trinity System : 3 Wavelengths to Treat all Colors in all skin types

by rburke on February 4, 2018

Tattoos come in all colors and sizes.drrobertburketattoopatient2018

Although they looked good at first, and you were excited to get them, they may not look so good with time.  You may even have other ideas for a tattoo in that particular place where the old tattoo resides.  Are you stuck with your choice?  Probable not! Fading, partial removal, or total removal is possible in most cases. Treatment is based purely on the application of physics and science.  What does this mean?

There are families of colors that respond to laser light.  Although there may be some overlap, this means that different wavelengths of light are necessary to remove different colors.  No single wavelength of light will remove all colors.

The mainstay of laser tattoo removal has been the Q switched Nd:Yag laser.  This emits 2 wavelengths, 1064 and 532 for treatment of  2 different color families.  Dark black and blue black at one end of the color spectrum and reds at the other end.  Colors in between (green, blue, aqua) require a different wavelength of light.  Here, we prefer the Ruby laser (wavelength of 694) for this group.

There are also 3 other factors involved with laser tattoo removal: speed (number of pulses per second); spot size; and shape.  For lasers, speed is measured in a unit known as “Hertz”.  A fast laser can provide speeds up to 10 “Hertz” per second. while a slow laser may be 10 times slower, producing 1 hertz per second.

Spot Size and Shape

The larger the spot size, the faster the treatment.  A laser beam that is uniform also produces a faster, more uniform treatment.  Unless the beam has been manufactured and designed for optical uniformity, the is a “Gaussian” effect which results in an uneven, nonuniform treatment of a tattoo- basically the beam is like a donut with a large hole in the middle- causing the middle “hole” area to not receive the full effect of the laser.


The most comfortable way to receive tattoo removal treatment


We know that tattoo removal may be uncomfortable so that in addition to using state of the art lasers with a uniform beam up to 6mm in size and up to 10 pulses per second, we have developed multiple ways to increase your comfort:  focused, intermittent cold thermal application ; specially formulated topical anesthetics to provide rapid and prolonged effects; use of a Zimmer cooling device during treatment to immerse the area treated in cool air; application of local anesthesia when necessary ; use of conscious sedation.

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