Getting That Summer body Back with Dr.Robert Burke’s new laser liposculpture technique!

by rburke on June 14, 2017

It is common to gain a few pounds and several inches during the winter.

Overweight woman

When spring comes around though, and you are trying to get ready for summer at the beach or lake, it is sometimes hard to lose those extra pounds and inches.  Diet and exercise are always good to do, but what can you do if they don’t work?

Dr.Burke has harnessed the power of laser energy with microliposculpture to “shrink wrap” your skin. This system, developed after over 10 years of outcome research, removes bothersome fat while stimulating your skin to rejuvenate itself revealing a smaller you. If you combine this with diet and exercise you may just wow everyone at the beach!

The procedure is done in his AAAHC accredited office surgical suite, takes about an hour, and you are able to go home afterward.  In most cases you can return to normal activities in 1-3 days.

Here is a before and after photo of a  patient who complained that she “looked like she was pregnant”(but was not), and had not been able to lose tummy dimensions or weight. After undergoing Dr.Burke’s new laser liposcultpure procedure , the after speaks for itself.(over 12 inches in waist circumference lost).



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