Trends to Look Younger in Less than an Hour

by rburke on November 22, 2016

After analyzing the latest Aesthetic Trends to help patients look younger,  Dr.Robert Burke noticed that many patients prefer nonincision techniques over invasive surgery.  These patients prefer procedures that are done in the office, and which allow them to return to work later that day or the next. The top trends that can help one erase years in less than and hour are:


1. Silhouette Instalift; the no incision alternative to a facelift.

2. Youth boosting lift; a combination of volume replacement with longer lasting fillers and structural lifting with Silhouette Instalift threads.

3. Instant Chin Lift; adds strategic volume to the chin and lower jaw to make the chin more prominent and smooth the jaw line.

4.Instant Rhinoplasty; reshapes the nose through the use of no incision sculpting with the addition of strategic volume.

5. Fat dissolving injections; for removal of neck fat and localized removal of fat in other parts of the body (thighs, bra line, upper lateral chest, upper arms).

By helping to restore a more youthful appearance naturally using a combination of replacing lost facial volume and gently lifting the facial structures and tissues, nonsurgical no incision options have become popular. “These multidimensional approaches to facial rejuvenation consider age related collagen and fat loss, offering a choice to those wishing to avoid invasive facial surgery and prolonged recovery”.

These options, guided with digital imaging are customized individually for each patient depending on their needs and goals.

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