Scarless minimally invasive rhinoplasty

by rburke on October 28, 2016

The scarless rhinoplasty offers nasal  appearance improvement with no invasive surgery.  It is designed for immediate improvement of nasal appearance in those  who do not wish invasive surgery, may be poor surgical risks, and don’t have time for recovery.  Although not permanent, the results often last over 12 months-and treatment can be repeated as needed.

Dr.Burke uses predictive multidimensional digital imaging in preprocedure treatment planning to help you see your own possible results before any treatment. This review and discussion help define your personal treatment goals and possible realistic outcomes prior to treatment.

This man presented for  correction of a crooked nose that had been broken years ago. He was able to breath through his nose without difficulty and was concerned only with his appearance. Due to a heavy work schedule, the desire for immediate correction, and a wish not to undergo invasive surgery, he chose a nonsurgical minimally invasive rhinoplasty.  These are the before/after frontal and lateral photos.  He was able to immediately return to work following a brief office corrective procedure done under topical anesthesia.





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