The Silhouette Instalift, a facelift without a scar (“Scarless Facelift”)

by rburke on September 26, 2016


Facial aging results in lost volume, skin loosening(sagging), and less vibrant color and surface glow.  Natural facial rejuvenation goals create a normal ,  younger  appearance which is subtle and not too obvious.  For volume replacement, I prefer using  long lasting fillers such as  Bellafill (the 5 year filler) where possible.  A skin care and treatment program is developed individually to address skin texture, color, and glow.

The missing ingredient has been the ability to tighten facial and neck skin in a consistent manner without incisions. Because of this limitation, incisions (invasive surgery) were required. Concerned about this limitation of noninvasive facial and neck rejuvenation, I incorporated the newly FDA approved Silouette Instalift into my practice. The procedure involves placement of a sterile suture with small  internal anchors.

anchor cone

Each suture is placed through small, precisely determined openings created with a small needle.  The actual placement, direction of anchoring, and number of sutures required depends on individual goals and circumstances. No surface skin sutures are required. Local anesthetic is used for comfort in this procedure which averages 30 minutes in my office.


The sutures and anchors are dissolved by your own body and are replaced by your own collagen. Followup shows continued improvement over time. For some,  a touch up may be required at 18-24 months depending on the severity of one’s particular aging changes.


Are you a candidate?  They best way to find out is to arrange a consultation.  We look forward to your visit.



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