Nonsurgical chin augmentation : immediate results for those wishing an alternative to invasive surgery

by rburke on August 13, 2016

Dr.Burke offers an alternative for those wishing a stronger chin and jaw line but who do not wish invasive surgery (and may not have lot of time for recovery).  


A detailed evaluation and consultation help determine if one is a candidate for this procedure. Evaluation includes digital imaging and real time three dimensional (3D) analysis. Predictive imaging helps review goals and preview possible before/after results. Once it is determined that one is  a candidate, an  augmentation booster is chosen.

Possible augmentation boosters include Bellafill, platelet rich plasma (prp), and hyaluronic acid. Following careful nonsurgical placement, one is able to see an immediate result. Although not permanent, results may last up to 5 years or longer depending on the choice of augmentation boosters, the amount used, and current findings.

Here is a patient who received one treatment that took under 5 minutes.



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