Natural Facial Rejuvination with the Threadlift (also known as the Nu-lift, and Nu-mesh)

by rburke on February 18, 2016


agingAs one’s face ages, volume is lost and skin loses its tone (sags) along with its youthful color and glow.  Natural facial rejuvenation addresses these changes by creating a normal appearing, more youthful  appearance. (People notice but they will not know that you have done anything-“you naturally)”. For volume replacement, I prefer using the longest lasting filler available – Bellafill (the 5 year filler) supplemented with one’s own fat (lipotransfer).   Skin texture, glow, and color are restored with combination procedures (the exact procedure depends on the state of your skin) including PRP (platelet rich plasma), microdermabrasion, microneedling, radiofrequency, mild chemical peels, and selected lasers.

The missing ingredient has been the ability to actually tighten skin of the face and neck in a predictable manner using tiny incision and nonincision injection techniques. Because of this limitation, incisions-(invasive surgery) were often required. Concerned about this limitation of noninvasive facial and neck rejuvenation, I started using state of the art threadlifting techniques this January at the Miami Florida anatomic research facility while on the faculty.  Since the time I have been using them in practice where indicated.




How does it work? Large surgical incisions are avoided through the use of specially constructed,  absorbable, suture like material placed  in selective areas of the neck, jaw line, mid, and upper face through small openings averaging the size of in injection needle.  Selected facial and neck areas tighten as the body gradually dissolves the injected material.

Are you a candidate?  They best way to find out is to arrange a consultation.  The additional step of predictive digital image is added during the consultation to help you visualize the actual changes on your own face. We look forward to your visit.


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