Awake abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) corrects the”Mommy Pouch”

by rburke on November 14, 2015

Often women seek a “Mommy Makeover” due to the persistence of a “Mommy Pouch”.  Their main complaints center on difficulty in finding clothes that fit. Some report a feeling like ” their lower organs want to fall out when they exercise, walk, or run”.

The ” Mommy Pouch” is a buldge (resistant to diet and exercise) which  occurs in the lower abdomen of women who have been pregnant.  This “pouch” represents a buldging outward of the lower abdominal and pelvic regions.  It occurs due to separation of the lower portion of the vertical muscle that gives tone to the tummy area (rectus abdominus muscle) and holds the internal organs inside.

Separation occurs because the lower vertical muscles (rectus abdominus) have a single layer of fascia or fibrous attachment – this permits separation of the muscle to make room for your developing baby.  The middle and upper muscle portions usually do not separate since they have a double layer of fibrous attachment giving additional strength.

This muscle separation is corrected during the awake abdominoplasty. Recovery is rapid. Patients return home that evening and return to activities that week.

This Mommy is a 27 year old mother of 3 who has completed her family.  Her youngest child is 18 months old. She has  lost all her pregnancy weight.  She complained of a persistent pouch in her lower abdomen, finding it difficult to find clothing that fit her trim figure.  She also complained of a feeling that ” my organs want to fall out”

Pre Op Awake Abdominoplasty


                                                   Post Op Awake Abdominoplasty









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