Dr.Robert Burke discusses SculptSure the newly FDA cleared non-invasive lipolysis treatment

by rburke on May 25, 2015

Patients often complaint of fat pockets (also known as lipodysmorphia)  that do not respond to diet and exercise. The group that noninvasive fat reduction appeals to the most are those that do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure and do not have the time for surgical recovery.


Among the ways of dealing noninvasively with this unwanted fat are cold laser (Zerona), fat freezing, and now SculptSure, which uses heat.  At present SculptSure is F.D.A. cleared for the flanks.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  in 2011-2012 69% of adults were overweight and over 35% were obese. The World health Organization estimates that 0ver 1.3 billion adults are obese worldwide.  With this incidence, the use of noninvasive laser procedures for fat reduction will continue to increase.

Studies of this technology involving heating of the fat cells have shown decreases in adipose cell thickness, translating out to a slimmer body and smaller clothing sizes. This is in contrast to the cold laser which shrinks the fat cells, resulting in a slimmer body and better fit in clothing  by permitting the escape of triglycerides (a form of fat storage molecule found in the adipose-fat cell) out of the cells.

These procedures are best applied to those with a body mass index under 30. In our center’s clinical tests, patients prefer noninvasive procedures that are comfortable and require no special postprocedure care. We will be anxious to test this new technology against our cold laser procedures.

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